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Are You Saving Enough

And how do you know how much is enough? Fidelity can help you start to save, make your plan, and put your plan into action.

Make Retirement Savings a Priority
Regardless of your age, time is on the side of the retirement investor. For example, would increasing your contribution by $23 a week—about $100 per month—really make a difference over 25 years? See what an extra few dollars a month could do for your retirement savings!

Contribution Growth Chart - Comparison

This hypothetical example is based on monthly contributions made at the beginning of each month to a tax-deferred retirement plan over 25 years and a hypothetical 7% annual rate of return compounded monthly. Your own plan account may earn more or less than this example, and income taxes will be due when you withdraw from your account. Investing in this manner does not ensure a profit nor guarantee against loss in declining markets.

Getting a Late Start?

Time is the retirement saver's great ally — the longer you have to invest, the more time your money has to potentially grow. But just because you're getting a late start doesn't mean that you can't make solid progress toward a retirement goal. Learn how to save more.

Keep in mind that investing involves risk. The value of your investment will fluctuate over time and you may gain or lose money.


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