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  LifeCycle Funds  
Categories to the left have potentially more inflation risk and less investment risk   Categories to the right have potentially less inflation risk and more investment risk
Fidelity Freedom Income Fund® Fidelity Freedom 2015 Fund® Fidelity Freedom 2030 Fund®
Fidelity Freedom 2000 Fund® Fidelity Freedom 2020 Fund® Fidelity Freedom 2035 Fund®
Fidelity Freedom 2005 Fund® Fidelity Freedom 2025 Fund® Fidelity Freedom 2040 Fund®
Fidelity Freedom 2010 Fund®   Fidelity Freedom 2045 Fund®
    Fidelity Freedom 2050 Fund®

The lifecycle investment options are represented on a seperate spectrum because each investment option (except the income fund, if applicable) will gradually adjust its asset allocation to be more conservative as the investment option approaches and moves beyond its target retirement dates. Generally, those investment options with later target retirement dates have greater equity exposure and more risk than those with earlier target retirement dates.

The chart below illustrates the plan-assigned fund the Plan Sponsor believes will best fit your diversification needs should you not select an investment option.

If your birthday is between* Fund Name Target Retirement Years
1/1/1900-12/31/1932 Fidelity Freedom Income Fund® Retired before 1998
1/1/1933-12/31/1937 Fidelity Freedom 2000 Fund® Target Years 1998-2002
1/1/1938-12/31/1942 Fidelity Freedom 2005 Fund® Target Years 2003-2007
1/1/1943-12/31/1947 Fidelity Freedom 2010 Fund® Target Years 2008-2012
1/1/1948-12/31/1952 Fidelity Freedom 2015 Fund® Target Years 2013-2017
1/1/1953-12/31/1957 Fidelity Freedom 2020 Fund® Target Years 2018-2022
1/1/1958-12/31/1962 Fidelity Freedom 2025 Fund® Target Years 2023-2027
1/1/1963-12/31/1967 Fidelity Freedom 2030 Fund® Target Years 2028-2032
1/1/1968-12/31/1972 Fidelity Freedom 2035 Fund® Target Years 2033-2037
1/1/1973-12/31/1977 Fidelity Freedom 2040 Fund® Target Years 2038-2042
1/1/1978-12/31/1982 Fidelity Freedom 2045 Fund® Target Years 2043-2047
1/1/1983-12/31/1987 Fidelity Freedom 2050 Fund® Target Years 2048-2052

*Dates selected by the plan sponsor

Performance of the Fidelity Freedom Funds depends on that of their underlying Fidelity funds. These funds are subject to the volatility of the financial markets in the U.S. and abroad and may be subject to the additional risks associated with investing in high yield, small cap and foreign securities.


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